What It Takes To Find Good Sources For A Research Paper

Writing a research paper is not easy and one of the main reasons for this is the fact that you have to find sources and include them in in-text citations and bibliography. This makes the project even more tedious and the fact that not all sources of information are credible makes things even more complicated. In addition, any information which is wrongly cited amounts to plagiarism which has its own consequences including expulsion or suspension from a program.

Why Include Sources in a Research Paper?

Unlike any other forms of writing, a research project has to be valid and easy to generalize. This means if you write an essay, there must be credible sources of information which you use to come to a conclusion. To write research paper that gets a top grade, you should set apart your essay by underpinning your arguments with ideas from other sources.

Another important reason to find good sources is to allow gathering of reliable ideas and information. Such information gives your paper a more serious tone. By bringing in ideas from other scholars, you will captivate the interest of readers of your college research essay.

Such materials also buttress your argument more easily; you don’t have to use long winding explanations to drive a point home when you can easily cite a study by another scholar. These sources also prove to the reader that you have full grasp of the subject.

How to Easily Find Good Sources

There is no denying the importance of adding sources to an academic paper. This is the only way to add credibility to your project but then it is not easy. Most students end up submitting shallow papers because they don’t how to go about this.

While this is the age of information, much of what you read online is not credible and you might end up losing valuable marks for including such. At this point, you need help writing a research paper from an online specialist. There are writing companies with writers in all disciplines and they deliver custom and complete essays based on your guidelines. In this case, you can just ask for sources or an annotated bibliography to guide you in research.

Whatever approach you choose to follow, the following tips will come in handy to help find good sources for your project:

  1. Use Wikipedia indirectly: Wikipedia is not the first source for your academic research but it also includes crucial citations and sources at the bottom. These are credible sources of information on particular topics detailed on the rest of the page. In addition, you will also get an overview of any topic especially if it is totally new to you.
  2. Go to your college library: True, this is not the most pleasant task in college and in fact, this is the reason most students opt to buy custom research papers. It might look intimidating but the library is the best place to find anything under the sun. Your school’s librarian comes in handy here to explain how the systems work but once you understand this, all the information you need is easy to access.
  3. Online academic journals: Most journals are now accompanied by online versions. Prestigious colleges have reliable online journals which are free to use. Narrow down your search to academic journals on a search engine and you will find invaluable literature on the topic you are handling.
  4. Focus on regularly cited sources: You are not reinventing the wheel and as such, rely on sources that have been cited by others.
  5. Mix up sources: Use different types of sources including newspaper articles, Google books, and film, TV, or video recordings, scholarly journals and databases, primary and secondary sources.

You can also use research paper services to find sources already used in other similar projects. Whatever you do, never submit an academic paper without adding sources to augment your arguments.

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