Useful guide on how to cite a research paper in MLA format

MLA stands for Modern Language Association. It is one of the popularly commonly used formats in writing papers and cite resources. There exists an official guide called the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing, a handbook which describes in detail the various rules and principles of writing in MLA format. Currently its 8th edition has been released with few moderate changes. The method and guidelines for preparing papers and manuscripts in MLA format is discussed in the fourth chapter of MLA Style Manual and also in fourth chapter of the MLA Handbook.

Every student is expected to write a research paper as a part of their graduation criteria. This is done mostly with intention of helping the students gain an appreciation for the knowledge production process. This assignment usually expects a student to do considerable amount of in-depth study and prepare a report regarding the whole process and the observations they have made for the same. The essence of this task to maintain a certain format and standard when report the whole report. This when the MLA format is most helpful in using.

There are some guidelines to be followed in the MLA format:

  • First things first, today most of the report is done with the aid of a computer or online facilities. So most of the typing is done and the printouts are taken out later. And when printing out the report, remember to do so on a white 8.5 x 11-inch paper.
  • Even during typing there are certain rules to be followed, double space the text, use a legit font like Times New Roman and MLA says to use regular and italic fonts should be clearly differentiated. The standard font sixe is 12 pt. Margin should be 1 inch on all sides in the report.
  • Spacing is required only after punctuations or periods.
  • Indentation is required for the first paragraph of every chapter, this can be gotten by pushing the Tab key(avoid using the method where the space bar is pushed 5 times).
  • The header must be placed in the upper right corner, with a distance of one half inch from margin and flushed with right margin. The header numbers all pages in a consecutive manner.
  • End notes must be included before the cite pages.

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