How To Write A Research Paper With Sources: Basic Hints

A research paper is known to be the presentation of the results that have been derived from the investigation a specified topic. The paper needs to be created on the basis of ideas, thoughts, and facts that are known to be derived from several sources. Here are the best tips with the help of which it is possible to write a certain paper:

Finding the right resources

It is a must that you need to find out the right resources at from which you can procure detailed information on the specified topic. You can look for various primary and secondary information for availing the information. You can refer to books, the library catalog, journals, bibliographies, periodical indexes for finding out the various information.

Documenting the information

As you have collected the information, it is a must that you should be organizing the same. You can make notes of the collected information and follow the steps of grouping, sequencing, followed by documenting with an eye to organizing the information.

Jotting down the introduction

You should make use of contextual materials and other relevant backgrounds for the determination of various concepts and terms. You should also acknowledge the specific cause of choosing the topic and explain the organizational plan in the same.

Writing the body

You should make use of prospects and outlines as flexible guides for writing the body. You should be using bullet points for writing the paper. You should be summarizing, analyzing, explaining, and evaluating the collected information in lieu of reporting the same. The ladder of abstraction should be moved up and then down from generalizing to different other levels of details.

Explaining the conclusion

The conclusion is yet another important part of the paper. In case the topic of the paper or argument is complicated, the various points need to be summarized for easy reading. It is also important that you should mention the significance of finding the specified topic prior to writing the conclusion.

Revision of the final draft

You should maintain the logical flow in the introduction part while writing the research paper. You should also check the depth of the important points in the body and look at the effectiveness of the conclusion at the same time. You should also look forward to the right sequencing of ideas within the body. At the same time, you should look at the right structuring of the sentence, look at the right choice of words, spelling and punctuation as well.

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