5-Paragraph Research Paper Hints: Composing A Strong Outline

Writing a research paper is a very simple thing to do. It is only complicated if you make it so. If you keep it to five paragraphs you will be able to finish it pretty quickly as well. Your teacher won’t mind that one bit! Here are some tips that can really help you:

Researching before your topic is selected

It’s not a good idea to just bluff your topic. Your teacher will be paying close attention to what he or she reads so this would get spotted right away. Instead, go to a library and do some good old fashioned reading. You’ll probably see something really interesting in the middle of all the boring stuff. That’s a possible topic.

Picking the best option

Even if the first thing you were interested in is nice, keep looking just in case something better pops up. It would be a shame to miss out because you were hasty.

Having done those things you can dig into the meat of making your outline. If you’re serious it really comes down to the following three things:

Crafting a killer intro

Even in a draft your intro should make people feel like reading more. That’s what all the best writers do and it makes them famous. You can even read some of those famous introductions for inspiration as long as you don’t actually plagiarize them. That could get you into serious trouble at school if you’re found out.

Sorting out the body of the paper

Once you have a topic you should also have some points. They might not be fully developed but just having them is a start. In your outline, you can start to give them some sort of order so that you know where they’ll go in the final version of your paper.

Closing it up with a good conclusion

Pretty much everything that was said about the introduction still holds true here except that this is all about leaving the right taste in the reader’s mouth. Will your work be remembered favorably or not? It depends on how much effort you put into that conclusion to a large extent.

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